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Pro + 0.5% platform fee

For organizations that process large amount of donations and would rather pay a one time yearly fee for our software.

  • check-circle-1 Customer Relations Platform (CRM)
  • check-circle-1 Integrate with Google Analytics
  • check-circle-1 Priority Support
  • check-circle-1 Accept all major payment options
  • check-circle-1 Donor Portal
  • check-circle-1 Use Friendly Donation Form
  • check-circle-1 Unique Donation URL


/ flat fee

$0 monthly

The most convenient options for organizations that want to use our state-of-the-art fundraising platform with no out of pocket fees.

  • check-circle-2 Customer Relations Platform (CRM)
  • check-circle-2 Integrate with Google Analytics​
  • check-circle-2 Email support
  • check-circle-2 Accept all major payment options
  • check-circle-2 Donor Portal
  • check-circle-2 Use Friendly Donation Form
  • check-circle-2 Unique Donation URL

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For large organizations that want to super-scale their online donation base.

  • check-circle-1 All the previous plus +
  • check-circle-1 Google Ads for Non-Profits Management ($10,000 of Ads per month)
  • check-circle-1 Design Team For Creative Content
  • check-circle-1 Monthly Strategy and Execution Planning
  • check-circle-1 Custom Work

Our Standard Features

Make our eGiving your own

Our forms are customizable to suit any website, match the color and plug and play to start accepting online donations!

95% of donors cover the fees

We ask donors during the donation process to cover their processing fees + your platform fees in their donation. A great budget-saving feature.

Intelligent integrations

We offer integrations with Google Analytics, the donor portal all your donors get access to and your CRM to level up your fundraising game.

Wide range of recurring donations available

Donors have the choice of making a one time or monthly donation - perfect for securing regular funding that suits your donors.

Support for next-gen payment options

Donors can donate using debit cards, credit cards, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal and ACH bank transfers.

Zero migration fees

Yep, no migration costs.We make it easy for you to get started. Start fundraising in 15 minutes!