Automate Your Fundraising

An easy and fast way for anyone to give.

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$0 Monthly Fees

Get started with no long term
commitments. If you love it, use it!

3% Platform Fee

Instead of charging ridiculous setup or
monthly fees, we only charge a 3% platform fee.

90% of donors cover all the fees

Yup! You heard that right, on average we
have seen that 90% of donors end up
covering all your processing and platform

Embed your eGiving form
on your own website

Making it easy for you to accept donations from your own website.
Simply copy/paste a short code on the header of your website and
another short code for your form to display anywhere on your website.



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Sign up for free and start fundraising the smarter way.

eGiving Form

Display your eGiving form on your own
website. We make it easy to accept donations
directly inside of your website or through a
unique website we provide.

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Unique Website

Receive a unique website that you can share
anywhere and start accepting donations right
away! Share the link on social media, text
messages, emails, etc. and start collecting

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Payment Methods

We make it easy for your donors to give using
credit cards or bank accounts. Soon you will
be able to enable your donors to give using
their mobile wallets, coming soon!

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Communicate with Donors

We automate emails and texts to your donors
to thank them after each successful donation.
Make your donors feel appreciated!

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Recurring Donations

We make it easy for your ministry to collect
one time or recurring donations.

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Collect Donations

Link your bank account after creating your
account and automate the cash-outs to always
go to the bank account of your choosing.


eGiving Dashboard

Create an account and receive access to your own dashboard where you can oversee all your donations and donors. Customize your donation process and outreach to donors.


Available to anyone in 37 countries!

We are so excited to announce that our fundraising  platform is now ready to be used by anyone in 37  countries! More countries are coming soon.



How it Works

Sign up and create your own eGiving platform to collect donations.

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Create your account

Anyone in 37 countries can sign up and start
using our platform to receive donations. We
make it easy for your ministry to grow your
donor base.

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Share Your Fundraiser

Embed your eGiving form directly inside of
your website or share the unique URL we give
you to accept donations online! Automate
receipts, donor outreach, and more.

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Collect Your Donations

Through our preferred payment partner, you
will be able to receive donations in your bank
account within one business day.

Sign up now and create your account today